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Cheers Garry.

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Oct , I'm just using the standard Snow Leopard, not the server version. I don't remember having any problems as such installing a Snow Leopard vm. There wasn't much real reason for me to use it until Epson failed to supply Mavericks drivers. It runs just fine. Jan , Hello, sort of a noob question, How do you find the IP address of your host if I want to connect to it?

Jan , First of all, I would open the connection from the Host to the VM, not the other way around security reasons. If you obfuscate any information requested, I will obfuscate my response.

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These are virtual UUIDs, not real ones. Jan , thanks, Something still does not work though.

Step 1: Configure Mac OS to share files

But instead it complains that there is no such server or that it is unavailable. I have my host wifi off, if that matters. I got it to work once yesterday. But I connected the host to an external router, and connected from VM to the host. So very different. And I used an external network. Jan , OK, I see. If you want to talk between the two, either change the mode to "Host-only" address will be Finally a third option would be to have two network cards in your guest.

Get VirtualBox. As soon as the IP address changes the shared folder connection will break and you have to reconfigure it. With the VirtualBox shared folders the connection doesn't require the host IP address and hence does not require reconfiguring the shared folder connection. To set it up start in the VirtualBox user interface. There is a Shared Folders choice in the menus, select that. It lets you select host machine folders to make available to the guest virtual system. The dialog is straightforward.

VirtualBox Tutorial for OS X

The important factoid to carry from the dialog is the name of the shared folder. The next step is, on the Linux guest, to mount the share using the vboxsf filesystem. This is documented in the VirtualBox user guide. This works.

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A little side note is I'm using the same pathname in the guest system as the file system has in the host system. This way if I write a shell script that's used on both systems it has the same pathnames. However that has a little problem that wasn't obvious from the user guide.

A problem is that the host Mac OS X has its own idea of file ownership that differs from the file ownership on the guest system. Since I want to work on the files as my unprivileged user ID on the guest system there has to be a way to map file ownership. The VirtualBox user manual has this cryptic suggestion. The generic mount options documented in the mount manual page apply also.

What this means is the Linux mount command has mount options you can specify with the "-o" option, and that those are valid on vboxsf mounts.

Sharing Folders from VirtualBox on a Mac OS Host

Hence the following works perfectly well, resulting on the files appearing from the guest machine to be owned by my unprivileged guest user ID. There is a remaining file ownership problem in that files created from the guest appear to have incorrect ownership on the host. Blog News Doctor Who.

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