Viewing icloud photo stream on mac

How to Set Up iCloud for Photos:
  1. My Photo Stream in iCloud
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The three methods are:.

My Photo Stream in iCloud

My Photo Stream. My Photo Stream lets you push all the photos you take across your linked devices to all your linked devices, including Apple TV.

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  • View iCloud Photo Stream Photos on Your Mac with MyPhotostream?
  • How to disable My Photo Stream and iCloud Photo Sharing without erasing your photos.

You can share images from your Photos library in iOS or macOS in a way that other people can view, either through their devices or using a web browser. All new captures and imports on all connected devices with this feature enabled upload to iCloud and sync to all connected devices, whether as thumbnails or full-resolution images. If My Photo Stream assembles images from a variety of sources, turning it off will still retain them in all their source locations. Moreover, any photos added to My Photo Stream via your iOS device will automatically be imported into your iPhoto library.

iCloud Photo Library and Photo Stream: What's the difference? iPhone,iPad,iPod

Keep in mind disabling Photo Stream on iPhoto will automatically remove access to these photos through iPhoto — though, you can re-add your Photo Stream at anytime. There will probably be some other pictures in there as well. You can tell Photo Stream images because they will have a green check mark on the thumbnail.

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