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It provides an uncluttered, well-organized interface with access to many features that competing applications lack. Splashtop is a good choice for telecommuters, IT professionals and teachers. While installing a remote desktop connection can be confusing at first, the platform provides many useful resources and support to answer your questions. Speed and security are its strong points, so if your work calls for these features, Splashtop is worth checking out. Splashtop Review By Skye Schooley. Splashtop The Best Remote PC Access Software of The Verdict Aside from Splashtop's multiple authentication requirements, the software is easy to use and provides an uncluttered, streamlined interface.

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Splashtop Pricing and Software Plans Splashtop offers multiple service plans, each specialized for specific remote access needs. There is a fee for iPad and iPhone versions. Remote services are limited, and some features like file transferring aren't available. Included features are file transfer, remote printing and session logging. Each user can access up to 10 computers. It supports all of the solo features, plus concurrent sessions, multimonitor display, chat, remote wake and more. Its features include remote wake, remote reboot, multimonitor display, unlimited concurrent sessions and drag-and-drop file transferring.

You get everything in the plus plan as well as configurable alerts, event logs, scheduled reboot and remote command. SOS: This is a help desk plan for on-demand, quick support. It supports unlimited devices.

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  • Review: Splashtop 2 a free, innovative remote desktop Mac/iOS app with issues.

It supports unlimited devices and up to 10 unattended computers per tech license. Splashtop Classroom: This basic platform is great for teachers to mirror their computers to up to 40 students. Mirroring Teachers and students can use this program to mirror content, ideas and apps.

Windows 7 on iPad 2 with Splashtop

Additional plans are available. Security: Splashtop offers TLS and bit encryption with multifactor authentication. You can authenticate devices utilizing multiple second-level password options and lock the remote keyboard and blank the remote screen. File transfer: You can drag and drop files up to 64GB.

Screenshots of Splashtop Streamer

Its just so common for apps to be a let down in these kind of uses. Works great and has perfect flexibility and tools to meet all your specific and potentially obsessive nerdy needs. I was an early adoter. On Kindle I bought the regular version and the HD version. I also bought the Mac app Splashtop 2.

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That said, I use to have access from anywhere via Gmail account. I received a message that I would keep my access if I switched to Splashyop Personal. Idid, but never got the permanent upgrade. I sent a support request years ago, but it just went unanswered. I could see the ticket via the website. So, I sent a few follow up emails over ther years. Then I finally got a reply from someone and I am told that the offer has expired.

Splashtop Downloads - Remote Desktop, Remote Support & Education

I tried to get it when it was valid. I submitted a support request via the website. I sent a few follow up emails over the years. I sent screenshots of the Splashtop apps that I purchased.


I was given 3 months. I used the anywhere less than three times to show others. I only purchased it, because it seemed like something that would come in handy and it seemed cool. Hi Sigil, Thanks for contacting us.

Sorry for not being able to help you in time, however, please understand that we have to apply policies consistently, we're no longer eligible to grant the Splashtop Personal license for Splashtop2 users at this time. Sorry again for any inconvenience that may have caused. Thank you. Can the iPad models be used as an external display for a Mac or PC? Product description.

Splashtop Streamer for Enterprise

Splashtop Inc. Screens VNC has native apps for both iOS and Mac, but you can still create Splashtop 2 is one of the more flexible remote desktop apps. For longer sessions, you start running into UI issues; namely, trying to manipulate your desktop OS with touch. Splashtop has a nice mousepad.

There's an application called Splashtop you run a "Streamer" on the.