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  3. See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

The acting high priest at Morningstar Haven, he is a blustering man who, despite his position, has the general manner of a used ox-cart seller.

He has made a public vow to rid the streets of the evil "festering in its bowels", but as yet, his actions seem to have amounted to little more than attempting to convince a few hired mercenaries and adventurers to probe around. Well, we have hit the lockdown phase for the 1.

You can find a discussion and preview of the patch notes here , on the NWN2 forums. From here we go into the localization and testing phase of production. We have already been testing the fixes and changes as they were implemented - making tweaks along the way. But we will be testing the patch in more depth and we will be starting the closed beta very soon.

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If you signed up to help, expect that you will be involved. I should either be PMing you or sending you an e-mail this week with instructions. After testing, we will enter the finalization phase where the patch is fully built and released. Unfortunately the current status isn't raised:. Luke Scull: We identified the companion interaction in the NWN2 OC as being a little lacking in some regards, particularly the contextual relevance of some of their responses.

Therefore, we determined that a Companions needed story-contextual things to say rather than introducing themselves two-thirds of the way through the story, b They needed to voice their opinions and provide input according to their personalities, and c They should each have an interesting story that develops during the course of the overall plot, which the player can influence in some way. It's too long to print here but head over to check it out - there are a long list of spell and class fixes, and custom portraits are finally in.

neverwinter nights 2 mac no-cd crack - obtaturut's blog

Thanks to Avantenor for writing in with an article at Eurogamer. Digging a little further leads to Atari's Q3 results pdf and this quote:. Gamebanshee has a small factoid posted about upcoming versions of NWN According to the product pages, the Mac version is expected to ship on the 25th of this month and the bundle pack which includes "exclusive downloadable content" is expected to ship on April 29th.

Lucky Day sends us this information from Rob McGinnis about possible content for any upcoming patches. Off the top of my head, here are some goals from our next three patches: Eliminate transition crashes. Add a checkbox to the dedicated server to disallow the override folder. Allow Haks to load before character generation. Technical issues, contract issues and higher priority bugs can change this.

How to Get Neverwinter Nights to Work on Windows 10

In this post he reiterates his 6 week time table and one week is already down. Here's the links: Here. Sorcerer's Place writes they have finished an "exhaustive" walkthrough of NWN2 complete with maps, screens, item lists and an attempt to cover as many paths through the quests as possible. Once we start the new patch process, the goal is to release a patch every six weeks. So, after 1. This would seem to confirm Obsidian's earlier statements that they would continue support of the game on a six week schedule. You can read the full thread here.

Lucky Day sends word of some Mysteries of Westgate forum updates as we await a release date for Ossian's apparently completed Adventure Pack. In this thread at the official forums, two team members express some frustration when someone asks about the release.

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Alan Miranda responds with an update of sorts here:. Hey folks. It really boils down to working through technical issues as well as the time it takes to modify the NWN2 engine code. I can guarantee that Atari is just as anticipatory at releasing MoW as Ossian is I talk to them almost every day , and if we could have released it earlier we definitely would have.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Again, sorry for the wait. In addition, Alan answers a question about languages, saying that English is the only planned release at the moment. Atari may not be the Christmas Grinch but someone sure isn't helping build anticipation for this. The patch is technically in a pre-production phase right now. We may need to do some work to prepare for Ossian's Mysteries of Westgate Adventure Pack and that is delaying the shift into full production phase. In the meantime, some progress has been made. Sorcerer's Place writes they have a new Mysteries of Westgate gallery article with a handful of screens and pieces of art and accompanying blurbs for Ossian's upcoming Adventure Pack.

IGN is offering a week's worth of videos from Ossian Studio's upcoming NWN2 adventure pack, Mysteries of Westgate, and an interview is also mentioned as being in the works. The new game features loads of new content for the NWN2 crowd, including new companions, a new sewer environment, loads of new monsters, and all the usual bells and whistles that made the presentation of the previous game so compelling.

In this adventure Ossian Studios takes the Neverwinter Nights 2 experience to the notorious city of Westgate where players will find themselves drawn into a bitter battle between rival groups within the city, including the mysterious criminal organization known as the Nights Masks. As the players try to find their way through this battle and uncover the secrets of a powerful but cursed treasure, they'll have the option to explore many side quests and decide which of the factions really have their best interests at heart. We'll be bringing new videos to you all through the week and will also bring you an interview with the team, so keep checking back!

This week he touches on new additions to the Rogue Dao Purgatorio team, more v1. Thanks to Sorcerer's Place for letting us know about their new interview with Ossian Studios on Mysteries of Westgate. Here's a confident response that we can only hope holds true:. How replayable is MoW going to be? Luke Scull: Massively replayable. The huge number of sidequests with many different resolutions, combined with a branching critical path and multiple endings, ensures that players will be getting a ton of bang for their buck. Rob McGinnis has announced the availability of the latest v1. Here's is the General section and follow the link to the official forums for the full notes:.

It is now functioning as designed. The Mb file doesn't seem to be mentioned at the site but project lead Monty Markland explains this trailer focuses on the look and feel , rather than gameplay direct link to the file. The whole thing is too long and the MotB bit has potential spoilers , so here's the General section only:. Here is a quick look at some of the fixes and features in Patch 1.

Happy reading. Neverwinter Nights 2 - Version 1. Meanwhile, Rob has also posted a new Community Update with the usual coverage of community projects and news about a change to their patching policy, along with a peek at v1. We have been making some changes to the way we will be handling patches moving forward.

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  4. While I can't give you full details yet, I will let you in on some of the changes: We will be working on a six week schedule for each patch, starting with 1. This is a tighter schedule and that means that the number of fixes and features included with each patch will be reduced when compared to the average patch in the past. This, however, does mean that you should be seeing patches more often and at a more predictable rate.

    We are setting our goals pretty high with this new plan. We will be attempting to address some pretty important, but very risky fixes and features as well. As part of the new plan, I hope to make our patching process more transparent. I would like to tell you much earlier what we plan to work on in the patches and keep you much more up to date as to how the patches change as we go through each phase: from production, through testing and, finally, to release.