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Method one: Scan from HP Easy Scan
  1. Using ActKey (Windows)
  2. Scan on a Mac with Image Capture
  3. Make networked scanners available to other Macs - Mac OS X Hints
  4. How to Use Scan To Computer

Or connect your Brother machine to the same LAN if you are using a network model where the Macintosh is connected. When the Detect Separate Items box is unchecked, the document will be scanned as one item and saved as one file. When the Detect Separate Items box is checked, the program will detect each image and save them as separate files.

Using ActKey (Windows)

If the program does not automatically crop the document as required, you can manually drag the mouse pointer over the portion you want to scan, from the dialog box accessed by clicking on Show Details. Select the destination folder or destination application for Scan To. You can adjust the following settings, if needed, in the dialog box accessed by clicking on Show Details. Please note that the item name and assignable value may vary depending on the machine. Resolution : Choose the resolution you want to scan your document at. Scan Size : Select the paper size of the document being scanned from the Document Feeder or the scan area from the Flatbed.

Scan on a Mac with Image Capture

Click on the Scan tab and it opens the Import From Scanner dialog box in a second window. You can configure the scan settings, such as resolution and size, by clicking on the Show Details button.

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However, I prefer to scan with the Mac application Preview because I have adjustment tools right there after the scan finishes. To use Preview to open the same Import From Scanner dialog box, first you have to tell it to look for the scanners on your network.

Make networked scanners available to other Macs - Mac OS X Hints

At first you might think that nothing happened, but if you go back to "Import from Scanner" menu, you should now see your networked device in the list. You can also initiate your scan through Image Capture. You'll be working in the same dialog box regardless of where you initiated the scan: Preview, System Preferences, or Image Capture.

Once you tell Preview to look for networked devices, it should find all of the WiFi scanners available. Now it's time to start scanning. If you don't get an image right away, click on the Show Details button.

This provides you with more scanning options and initiates an overview image for you to look at. The settings in the dialog box are fairly straightforward:. Next, you have to tell the scanner where to save the scans and in which format. For documents you'll probably want to go with PDF.

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Finally, you have some image correction control. If you choose "Manual" from the pop-up menu, you're greeted with brightness, tint, temperature, and saturation sliders. These options can vary from scanner to scanner, however.

How to Use Scan To Computer

Again, using these options can save you post-production time in an image editor later, or even eliminate it all together. Once you click on the Scan button, your Mac will go to work scanning the complete document, photo, or separate items. It will then open the scan in a Preview window where you can view, crop, and even make edits if necessary. If you have a blemish on the scan, chances are it's just a particle on the glass surface. It's probably easier to clean the glass and rescan rather than opening the scan in another image editor, such as Photoshop, for a touch up.

Once you realize how easy wireless scanning can be, you'll probably take advantage of this feature more often. You can restore old photographs, preserve newspaper clippings, and digitize paper documents. And of course, not having to have your Mac connected to the scanner via a wire gives you much greater flexibility. You can have your computer on your lap in the living room while the scanner works away in the home office. Get the Apple Watch Series 3 at Walmart for the lowest prices ever. Setup your tools Getting set up is basically the same process for all three scanners: Load up the ink cartridges, turn on the power, load the included drivers on to the Mac, and log on to your WiFi network directly from each device make sure you're on the same network as the Mac you're connecting to.

Scanning Documents & Photos on a Mac

Access the scanner Some devices, such as the Lexmark Interact S will let you initiate a scan directly from its System Preferences dialog box. Scan the Document Now it's time to start scanning. The settings in the dialog box are fairly straightforward: Kind: Choose color, text, or black and white. Black and White gives you the option for Grays or Thousands of Grays.

Depending on your selection, you'll get to refine your choice with the option below Kind.